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About the Blog
This blog was created to showcase my submissions to the LiveJournal community 100 Themes. I have claimed two pairings from two different series. The first pairing is Touzoku'ou Bakura and Jyonouchi Katsuya from Yuugiou; the second pairing I've claimed is Envy and Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. There will be close to 200 stories when I've completed all the themes, even though I am likely to double up on a few of them. Yes, these works will all be shounen-ai in nature; if that's not your kink, you're free to leave.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric and Envy © Arakawa Hiromu
Yuugiou, Touzoku'ou Bakura and Jyonouchi Katsuya © Takahashi Kazuki
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Saturday, May 01, 2010

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Posted 6:27 PM

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Treasures

Title: Little Treasures
Themes: 052 - Jewel
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: Somewhere between T and M
Notes: Heh, this is kinda stepping backward a bit. A little dark-ish but nothing like Endings.

The silence was always comforting to him after. During, in the dark hours of the night, it was difficult to keep quiet. His beloved was well educated in eros, it seemed, and his body was more than willing--more than eager--to learn.

After, though, when he'd found blissful release in his lover's embrace, the silence was welcome. Silence meant that they were still safe, still free. It was accented by their quiet breathing, by warm kisses dropped upon his face, by the non-sound of his fingers combing through his thief's hair.

Once in the silence of after, he'd been called most precious treasure and had one of his love's many rings, one set with a small red gem, slipped onto his index finger. He never removed it, only turning it in moments of nervous worry.

He remembered, now, wearing it when he died.

He had not yet told his love, worried that the news of his restored memory of that moment would trouble the elder. Instead, he continued to feign ignorance of that instant of his previous life, and ceased asking about it. The memory probably haunted the other; for him it answered oh so many question about how he lived his life now.

But the silence after remained a comfort. And after his king had surrendered to Orpheus' call, still joined with him intimantly, he would run his fingers through silver-white hair and absently wonder if his long-buried shell still wore Bakura's ring.


Posted 6:17 PM

Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Trip

Title: Weekend Trip
Themes: 017 - The Duty of Siblings
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: T on this one.
Notes: I like dialogue style. I don't use it nearly as often as I'd like since it doesn't go into a lot of detail... but it seemed like it would suit for this theme. I hope you enjoy!

"Stop pouting."

"I am not pouting. I never pout."



"You're pouting right now."

" what if I am? You're leaving."

"It's not like I'm going away forever--"

"Last time you left, I didn't see you for three thousand years."

"...good point. But there're several huge differences."

"And those would be...?"

"Number one: I'm only going to be gone from tonight until late Sunday evening. Number two: You have the phone number where I can be reached. Number three: I'm just visiting my sister. Nothing is going to happen to me."

"And you probably told your old man and sister the same thing when you went to participate in Battle City."

"...don't start."

"What? I'm not allowed to worry when you're away?"

"Oh, you can worry, Kura, but this is bordering on insanity."

"I just... I'm going to miss you."

"I know. I'll miss you, too. But I want to check up on Shizuka, make sure she's okay and see how things are going with that part of my family. I might not get along with my parents but--"

"Family is important. I know. Hurry home?"

"As soon as I can."

A quick kiss, then a lingering one, then he was gone. And Bakura sighed, knowing that this was going to be a very lonely weekend.

Posted 12:03 PM

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Title: Communion
Themes: 005 - Oil, Sex/One's Nature Magic
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: M for allusions of sex. I don't write smut anymore so there's nothing hardcore. But... yeah. You have been warned.
Notes: Slightly odd POV this time. It's not my usual style, but it's still part of the series.

You lose yourself in the taste of sweat. In the feel of a familiar body beneath your own, in a voice that barely breathes your name, in long fingers tangling in your hair... this is when you lose your careful control.

It has always been like this, since the first moment he accepted your touch. The first tentative kiss, where it became clear to you that he was indeed pure. The first whimper that you managed to draw from him with an experimental nip. There was power there, and you enjoyed it.

Every time he gave up a little of himself... but you knew in the end that you'd given just as much of yourself in return.

And although the times have changed, and his soul lives in a different body, you still lose yourself. In his sweat, in his voice, in the clench of his body as he moves his hips to meet yours in the dance you both continue to perfect, you find yourself falling.

It is magic, in its own way. Sweat and saliva and semen, you reaffirming your hold on him. He strengthening his hold on you. Together, overcoming death and centuries of forced separation.

Zork can wait.

Atemu (if he finds his way back as you managed to) can wait.

The entire fucking world can wait.

For now, they are unimportant. The only thing that exists, the only thing that matters, is this moment in time.

And as you find your completion in him, as he finds his own release in you, you know that this moment will never come again.

So you kiss his lips and taste his sweat, committing them to memory. As you do every time. This moment is gone, but there are many more to come.


Posted 6:47 PM

Friday, June 30, 2006


Title: Endings
Themes: 030 - Blood
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: M for a bit of gore.
Notes: This is another of the not-terribly-happy chapters in the series. I hate that I'm so last-minute on these things here of late; the muses do not wish to cooperate so much ~_~

How did I die?

The words were still ringing in Bakura's head, even hours after the question had been asked. Jyonouchi had dropped the subject after he'd promised to answer the next time it came up, but the memories just wouldn't leave him to rest.

Bakura shook his head, trying to clear his mind. It was no use, however, and he let his thoughts slip back....
"Jyonou!" He was starting to panic now. His beautiful one had expressed a deep concern about crossing the desert so close to Kura Eruna, but Bakura had reassured him that it was safe. That had been hours ago, before they'd retired for the night. When he'd opened his eyes again, long before Ra's light would grace the sky, Jyonou was gone.

Everything. Even his bedding, as if he'd never existed. The only trace of him were his footprints in the sand, leading towards the ruins of Bakura's village.

"Jyonou!" he cried again. "Where are you? Please answer me!"


The thief froze in place, frowning darkly. Something about that voice... frightened him. He didn't recognize it, yet somehow he wanted to flee into the desert at the sound. Bakura steeled himself and called out again: "Jyonou? Please, if you can hear me--"

He hears, the dark voice answered again. The Aegean hears, but he cannot come to you.

Bakura closed his eyes, let his senses (his Diaboundo, his
ka beast) search for the source of the thing that was taunting him. It seemed to come from the center of the village, the spot where as a child he'd watched the pharaoh's men drag the bodies of his family and neighbours. He shivered slightly, and Diaboundo wrapped its tail around him in a gesture that was oddly comforting.

"Why?" he demanded, moving towards the building that lead beneath the village, dreading what he might find there. It had been forbidden to enter it, children had long been warned not to enter the dwelling of the Dark God's prison. But he had no choice, not if his Jyonou was down there with that

The voice laughed, the sound grating to his ears. Come and see, it replied before falling silent.

Bakura entered the building, walked the stairs to the crypt below. He paused to take a breath before moving the last hundred yards that would take him into the belly of the beast, as it were.

Anger rose in him as he saw the thing before him. It was a poor imitation of his own
ka beast, more closely resembling a dragon than his own Diaboundo's serpentine appearance. There was hatred and fury burning in its eyes, and it stood on top of what appeared to be a seal. Caught in its tail--more correctly, its other head's grasp was his missing lover. Jyonou's eyes were dull, blank, as if he were under some sort of spell.

"Jyonou!" he called, his fear for the younger man overcoming his rage for a moment; the Aegean glanced up at him and life--
fright--flickered in his eyes for a moment before they went flat again. The creature holding him captive laughed.

Pretty little things, these slaves from the Aegean region, it remarked. So lovely and frail compared to the children of Khemet.

"Let him go," Bakura demanded, signaling Diaboundo to slip around behind the thing.

The creature chuckled. I will. For a price, Bakura king of the thieves.

The thief's eyes narrowed. "How do you know who I am?"

I am Zork Necrophidius, the creature replied, laughing when Bakura took a step back. Yes, the one your people kept watch over, in my prison away from the world. But the pharaoh wasn't satisfied, was he?

"Please let Jyonou go," the Egyptian pleaded, knowing that demands wouldn't get through to the Dark God. "He has done nothing."

Your people died for the pharaoh's folly, Zork continued, as if he hadn't heard the plea. He should be punished. They should all be avenged. And I will do so. With your help.

"No," Bakura said, shaking his head. "I just want to leave Khemet, let the pharaoh and his people rot for all I care."

He might well come after you, the creature said. He might kill your pretty Aegean. You don't want that, do you?

"Let him go. Please."

Be my vessel. Do my bidding and your beloved--it fairly sneered the word as it ran one claw along Jyonou's cheek--will be safe from all harm.

Bakura lowered his head, hating himself for his fear. If he said no, then Zork Necrophidius would probably kill him and Jyonou both. If he said yes, at the very least his lover would be safe. His own soul would be condemned and his heart would weigh far more than Ma'at's feather, but for his Jyonou it was a valid risk.

He already knew his answer.

"I will be your vessel."

Zork laughed, eyes flashing the colour of blood. Ah, a wise decision, it said, voice a dark hiss. And now to keep my part of our bargain.... The claw lightly stroking Jyonou's cheek ceased movement--

--and before Bakura even knew what was happening it sliced across the Aegean's throat. Blood poured from the wound, spilling to the floor and spreading in a pool of deep red at Jyonou's feet. He didn't fall to the ground, held in place still by the dragon's mouth for a moment before the head-tail jerked backward. A large chunk of the boy's torso was ripped free and his body dropped into the spreading stain before the altar's seal.

Over his own screams, Bakura could hear the cool, dark voice of the monster: In death, no one
else can ever harm him again.

Bakura bit back a cry of pain, closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall. Even after all this time, he couldn't forgive himself for the murder of his lover.

He only prayed that Jyonouchi would forgive him; he would never tell him all the details of his previous life's end.


Posted 6:44 PM

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Title: Forgotten
Themes: 035 - Memory loss
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: T
Notes: Remember I Believe? How it didn't seem like things were going to be all happy and goodness from here on out for Bakura and Katsuya? Yeah, I remember it too. This brings us back around to that point in a sense.

"How did I die?"

Bakura nearly dropped the knife he was polishing and looked over at Jyonouchi. The blond was sitting on the windowseat, gaze turned to the night sky, arms wrapped around his knees. He looked almost peaceful... if not for that abrupt question.

The thief decided to play dumb: "Well, you nearly drowned once, and you were fried by Ra, and yadonushi mentioned something once about electrocution--"

"No, Kura," Jyonouchi interrupted, turning his attention from the sky to his lover instead. His eyes were strangely serious for once. "How did I die three thousand years ago? How did Jyonou die?"

Bakura didn't want to answer that question. The memory was still too much, even with his Jyonou reincarnate sitting right in front of him. Silver eyes clouded and he looked away.

"Why now?"

"Because I can't remember it," came the quiet reply, just before the sound of feet padding across the floor. Slender arms wrapped around Bakura from behind and Jyonouchi rested his cheek on the older man's hair. "I try and try but I don't see it at all. I have to know, Kura, please."

The thief was shaking his head again. "I can't, Jyonou. Not now."

The blond was quiet for a moment before nodding, tightening his hold on his lover. "Okay, love," he said softly. "Not now. But someday? Soon?"

Bakura wondered again why Jyonouchi was asking about this now; instead of asking, though, he just nodded. He couldn't speak of it now, but the next time his Jyonou asked he would try to tell him.

And maybe with the telling his guilt would finally fade away.


Posted 9:30 AM

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Title: Pretty
Themes: 081 - contact lens; 031 - glasses
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: T

It wasn't something Jyonouchi really talked about. His friends didn't know (except for Honda, but they'd known one another forever and so it wasn't a big deal) and he generally didn't have anyone around to worry about keeping his things placed out of sight.

Unfortunately, Bakura was still the king of thieves and was naturally observant. So Jyonouchi really shouldn't have been terribly surprised when the Egyptian placed the cases and bottles down on the table in front of him while he was in the middle of a tutoring session with Ryou.

"Jyonou," he said in a tone that meant lying wasn't an option, "what are these?"

From the corner of his eye, the blond could see his friend staring at the selection and obviously not registering why they might be in the Jyonouchis' home. "A glasses case, a contact lens case and two bottles of cleaning solution."

Bakura nodded; obviously the response was somehow pleasing. "And why were they in the bathroom? I didn't think your old man bothered with this stuff."

Ryou was watching them like he was at a tennis match. Jyonouchi wanted to reach up and smack his lover right now, this was starting to feel like an interrogation. "They aren't his. They're mine."

"You wear contacts, Jyonouchi-kun?" Ryou cut in, staring at him as if trying to see the outline of the lenses now that he knew they were there. "Why?"

"Because I'm a little near-sighted and I don't like how my glasses look."

Bakura shook his head and shoved the cases towards him. "Take them out," he commanded. Jyonouchi gave him a dirty look for a moment, hoping that being stubborn would stop the questioning and allow him to go back to his studies. The older man simply crossed his arms and stared back. After a few minutes the blond gave up and picked up the supplies.

"I really hate you sometimes," he informed the Egyptian before stalking off to the bathroom. After he'd left, Ryou turned to his once-other half and frowned at him.

"Ya-erm, Bakura-san, wasn't that sort of... well, mean?" the pale teen asked.

Bakura smirked and shook his head. "Nope." This earned him another long look.

"Your logic astounds," Jyonouchi announced dryly as he walked back in the room. "Happy now, dear?" he asked, sarcasm thick in his voice as he sat down and slipped his glasses on.

"Ecstatic," Bakura replied before leaning down and kissing him soundly. "They look good on you, my love." Without another word he left the room, whistling to himself and apparently unaware of the incredulous looks being shot at his back.

"My lover is strange," Jyonouchi finally said after a moment; Ryou could only nod in agreement. "If I ever find out what the hell that was about, I'll let you know."

Of course, once he found out that Bakura had a minor glasses fetish from the time he'd spent peering through Ryou's eyes Jyonouchi kept it to himself. No need to share that, after all.


Posted 8:31 PM

Thank yous

My wonderful beta reader Eternal SailorM, who catches my spelling and grammar goofs.
The moderators of 100 Themes for creating and maintaining the community so well.
All readers and reviewers, without whom I'd just be writing for my own amusement.