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Welcome to Feminine Wishes, the home for what is likely the only yuri wishshipping fic located on the web.
Yes, I love Yuugiou.
Yes, I'm predominantly a yaoi author.
Yes, I genderflipped two of my favourite boys.
And yes, I am writing a yuri fic including girl-on-girl sex.
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Saturday, May 01, 2010

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I know it's been a while, and I promise that I'm trying to figure out where this is going next.

At the moment, I have a more annoying concern on my hands: namely, how the new layout I was making for this page refuses to cooperate.

So don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this story or about the current craptastical layout. I'm just in a rut design-wise for it and am working to change the situation.

Now... if only the fragging new layout would do what I want it to....

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Section Five: Confession

By nine o'clock she was convinced that they should award people medals for self-control. She was all alone in an empty house with her best friend, the girl she desperately wanted in every way imaginable, and she hadn't jumped her yet. Although if Jyonouchi leaned across her to snatch the remote again, she wouldn't hold herself responsible for whatever happened next. Honestly, didn't the blonde realize how hot she looked sprawled across the couch that way? If Yuugi didn't know better she'd think Jyonouchi was doing it on purpose.

"Hey, Yuugi?"

She forced herself to meet the blonde's eyes (it was far too easy to be distracted by the boobs; Jyonouchi was 'gifted' in that department) and offered a smile. "Yeah?"

"About the shi no duel..." Jyonouchi faltered, sitting up and pressing the heels of her hands to her knees. "Did you mean it?"

Answer the question, aibou, came through the link after a few minutes of stunned silence. Jyonouchi's waiting.

I... mou hitori no boku... I can't... what if she...

Aibou, she wouldn't ask if there wasn't a reason. She deserves an answer.

Yuugi fisted her hands in her skirt and risked a glance at her friend. The blonde was staring down at her own hands, her entire body tense. The younger girl dared to hope that that meant she wouldn't be rejected. She took a deep breath and forced herself to answer truthfully.

"Every word of it, Jyonouchi-chan," she said quietly, letting her eyes slip shut; even if she might have a chance, she was still afraid of how the other girl would react. "You truly are my most important person... and I love you."

Yes, short section, I know. More to come shortly ^_^

Additional: Shi no duel is the duel between Yuugi and Jyonouchi during Battle City when Malik was controlling him. Also, for words and phrases that have no direct translation, I use the original Japanese. Don't like? Not a problem. But don't assume that just because you don't like it that I'm going to change my writing style; it's mine and I'll only change it if I am not happy with it.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Section Four: Home

"Don't stay up too late, now, girls. You still have school in the morning."

"We know, Mama," Yuugi replied, giggling over her mother's worrying. "Jyonouchi-chan and I will be up on time."

Yuugi's mother sighed. "You know I worry, sweetie, especially when I'm on night shift at the hospital and Father has plans for the evening."

"They're sixteen, Midori," Jiichan cut in. "I think they can get themselves to bed and awake in the morning, even if they don't get that much sleep tonight."

"Jiichan!" Yuugi felt her face burning. Her family knew her preferences - hell, Jiichan took her shopping and made suggestions at the 'adult' store - but it was still embarrassing to have him blurt out even the most subtle innuendo. She just hoped that Jyonouchi either missed it or chose to ignore it.

"So, where are you off to for the evening, Jiichan?" the blonde asked, offering up a bright smile. There was no way Yuugi's grandfather meant anything by his statement beyond the girls' usual sleep over activities - and Jyonouchi found herself pressing her legs together. Damn her hormones and perverted thoughts! Thankfully Yuugi was still gaping at her grandfather and her mother was busy getting ready for work, so none of them noticed her sudden discomfort.

Jiichan grinned. "There's a gala at the museum tonight," he said. "Bakura-san is back in town," - and Jyonouchi thought she might have an idea of how the Bakuras were going to ensnare Kaiba this time - "so the museum is hosting a party in his honour. I'm taking Naoko-san as my date."

"So I take it you'll be staying at Naoko-san's house afterward?" Yuugi teased. She actually like Jiichan's lady friend and was happy that they spent so much time together.

"Of course. Besides, you girls don't want an old man around interrupting you in the middle of anything." He didn't fail to notice that both girls blushed on that and Jyonouchi quickly crossed her legs again. Really, his granddaughter and her friend embarrassed too easily.

"Okay, Father, you need to be leaving soon," Yuugi's mother said, shooing Jiichan out of the room. "Go finish getting ready for your party and leave the girls alone." She shook her head in exasperation before turning back to her daughter. "Use the money in the drawer to order something for dinner, sweetie. And don't stay up too late."


"And don't play the stereo too loud."

"Yes, Mama."

"And don't watch any horror movies, you know Jyonouchi-chan hates them."

"I know." Yuugi was starting to wonder if Mama was leaving or not.

"And -"

"Midori, you're going to be late," Jiichan interrupted, coming back into the room and catching his daughter-in-law's arm. "I'll drop you off at the hospital before I pick up Naoko-san You girls have a good evening, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Yuugi didn't catch it if her mother added anything; she was too busy thinking about all the possibilities that had just opened up to her. After all, there wasn't a whole lot that Jiichan wouldn't do.


That's all that's written and typed for now. More to come soon.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Section Three: After School

The bell finally rang, signalling that the day was over. Everyone gathered up their books and rushed out; tomorrow was Saturday, so a lot of people were making plans for the afternoon and all day Sunday. Yuugi had expected Jyonouchi to be one of the first people out of the room and was surprised to see the blonde slowly putting her things away. Worried and suddenly feeling protective, she placed her hand on the older girl's shoulder.

"Jyonouchi-chan? Are you okay?" Brown eyes turned to regard Yuugi, and she caught her breath at the conflicting emotions she saw there: frustration, affection and confusion were warring for dominance.

"Mostly, yeah," Jyonouchi answered with a small smile. "Um... Yuugi? Do you think I can spend the night at your place?" She quickly added, "Dad's on the late shift and he doesn't like me to be alone in the apartment at night."

Yuugi nodded. "Of course, Jyonouchi-chan. Do you want to go get some of your things now?" Outwardly she was calm, but inside she was as nervous and giddy as she always was when Jyonouchi stayed over at the Mutou residence. It was always so difficult to fight her urges, but she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

"Yeah. But just us, okay?" Jyonouchi agreed. "Honda and Dad don't get along, Anzu won't go without Honda, and Bakura already left." Actually, she'd seen Bakura Ryou stalk purposely after Kaiba Seto, and she didn't really care to know anything beyond that. The white-haired girl and her crazy-ass, perpetually PMS-y yami were damned scary when they were on a mission. Maybe if Yami no Bakura managed to get Kaiba in her bed she would calm down, but until then, Jyonouchi was going to stay the fuck out of her way.

"And we all know how much you like Otogi-kun," the shorter girl agreed; honestly, if she'd had her way Otogi would be a eunuch right now. Unfortunately, mou hitori no Yuugi had thought that was too harsh, and settled on humiliating the boy instead. "Okay! Let's go, Jyonouchi-chan. Jiichan and Mama won't mind you staying over."

Decision made, the two girls quickly caught up to their friends to let them know what was going on. Honda wasn't too please that they hadn't invited him along until he realized that Jyonouchi's father would be there; at that point he wished them luck and hurried off, Anzu following him in spite of her confusion. Yuugi and Jyonouchi caught a bus, and within half an hour were stepping through the door to the older girl's apartment.

"I'm home!" Jyonouchi called, kicking off her sneakers while Yuugi paused to unzip her boots. "You still here, Dad?"

"In the kitchen," the man called in reply, stepping into the doorway to answer his daughter. "Oh, hello, Yuugi-chan. I didn't know you were here too."

"Hello, Jyonouchi-san," Yuugi greeted politely. "Jyonouchi-chan said you have to work tonight."

The man nodded. "Will you be spending the night? I hate leaving Katsuya here by herself." It wasn't an unfounded fear; the Jyonouchis didn't live in the best neighbourhood, and the teenager still had enemies from her gang days who'd jump at the chance to catch her alone.

Yuugi shook her head. "Actually, if it's alright, Jyonouchi-chan can spend the night at my place," she said, knowing that if it sounded like she'd invited her friend over then her father was more likely to agree. "Mama and Jiichan will make sure we're on time for school tomorrow, too."

Jyonouchi's father smiled, relief evident in his expression. "That's fine. And if you want to stay over the whole weekend, Katsuya, that's alright, too," he said. "I have to cover Morimoto's shift Saturday and Sunday as well as my own, so I'll be out all weekend."

"Thanks, Dad." The blonde moved to give her father a hug. "I'll grab some clothes and then we'll head out."

"Scoot, girl," Jyonouchi's father mock-scowled. "Your friend's waiting for you." He accepted another brief hug from his eldest child then watched her dart down the hall, the Mutou girl right behind her. He wasn't blind; he could tell that the trihaired girl liked his daughter. He could also see that his 'little girl' reciprocated the feeling. He wasn't surprised, especially after a late night heart-to-heart when Katsuya asked if he'd still love her even if she decided she never wanted a boyfriend or husband.

I hope you know what you're getting into, Katsuya, he mused with a sigh. Because I don't want to see you get your heart broken.

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Section Two: Jyonouchi
Yuugi was watching her again; she could practically feel those amethyst eyes locked on her, and she uncrossed and recrossed her legs while maintaining her how much longer till the day's over expression. Inwardly, however, Katsuya was grinning madly.

From the first day she'd seen Yuugi, the blonde had been hooked. Oh, she'd tried the bitch routine, treating the smaller girl horribly in hopes of getting her riled up, but nothing worked. It was only after she stopped being cruel and returned the Puzzle piece she'd stolen that Yuugi changed.

And changed for the better so far as Katsuya was concerned. The collar had always been there (which fuelled the blonde's hope that her crush was more dominant that she appeared), but with the confidence had come leather and buckles. Wrist belts at her jacket cuffs, leather and buckle shirt beneath the oft-open jacket, two belts at her waist, leather knee high boots with buckles at the ankles when they weren't in school.... Katsuya wondered to herself quite often if there was leather under the skirt as well; and she had to recross her legs again as that particular thought always made her a bit hot and bothered.

Her only real frustration was that Yuugi hadn't made a move yet. It was getting to the point that Katsuya was considering going into her friend's room and doing a striptease to prove that she was interested in what Yuugi was silently and not-that-subtly offering. Hell, she'd even do it in the girls uniform if that was what it took! She hoped not, though; she hated wearing skirts and dresses, it was so... so girly.

But she could try to be girly for Yuugi, if that was what her friend desired.

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Section One: Yuugi
In all honesty, Mutou Yuugi would have started 'experimenting' much earlier... if Mazaki Anzu hadn't been straight. The brunette was, unfortunately, what Yuugi referred to as a Breeder, meaning that she would have to set her sights on girls (hopefully) more inclined to similar urges. The petite duelist soon set her sights on other potential partners; Jyonouchi Katsuya was at the top of the list.

Yuugi had known from the first day she saw the tomboyish blonde - who excelled at bending the school rules to the point that she'd pulled an Utena by wearing a modified boys uniform - that she wanted Jyonouchi-chan in her bed. In the beginning, she was still too shy to make a move, and Jyonouchi-chan was a first-class bully. But after she'd completed the Sennen Puzzle and the blonde tentatively offered her friendship, Yuugi became more confident. It was still strange to think that mou hitori no Yuugi was male, but in the long run, it wasn't important. And it made her giggle to herself that both her name and Jyonouchi-chan's were part of the word for friendship, yuujou.

But it was so hard to concentrate on school with Jyonouchi-chan at the desk beside hers! The blonde made a school uniform look so damn good; her boy-style jacket was tailored to hug her curves whether it was buttoned or not (and it was most often not), her white baby doll tee left little to the imagination though if one looked they could see the outline of her bra, and her shorts were just long enough to match the skirt length required of the actual girls uniforms. Hell, even the calf-high socks were a turn-on to the petite duelist, hugging legs toned from the paper route the older girl worked each morning. Add to this the wash-and-go tussled hair and it was all Yuugi could do not to jump her best friend on a daily basis.

Yes, she definitely wanted to fuck Jyonouchi-chan. The only problems were how to bring it up and whether or not Jyonouchi-chan was bent that way.

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Layout Notes
This layout was created using PhotoShop 7.0.1 for creating the backgrounds and colouring the doujinshi art, and Dreamweaver MX for the remaining layout work and linking. The artwork used is from the doujinshi Crazy Beat Goes On! by Karen Asakura and Teikokudo, published summer 2001. The artwork is editted; there was originally a femme!Kaiba in there as well, but since he's still male in this universe I'm writing it seemed odd to have her in there.

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Test Post
Hello, and welcome. This is going to be a fiction blog for an in-progress, AU Yuugiou fanfic. The title is very much looking to be Feminine Wishes, so that's what I went with for the blogger. There will be chapters coming in the near future; until then you'll just have to wait ^_~

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